A simple lesson for road safety.

I think it was Sunday my younger get ready to go to college for a practical exam. He was going on a bike but in during the traveling.

He start following a tractor just behind the trolly of that tractor, he continued his journey, there was a bridge and curve very on that road, at that place magic coming from the opposite direction heated my elder brother, by the result of this there one leg got fractured. He is in a hospital, I pray to God that please recover him as soon as possible.
You are thinking why I write this article? The answer is below.

Photo by Rutger Leistra on Unsplash

What is the reason for that accident? Who was wrong at that moment bike driver, magic driver or tractor driver? Leave it for God.
But one reason is that following of tractor very closely, and other reason may be patience means speed vehicle is high.

Friends this article may be simple but this message is very important, I read in an article on economics time that India recorded 3,54,796 cases of road accidents during 2020 in which 1,33,201 people died and 3,35,201 were injured.

So I promise to myself that I never follow a vehicle very closely.

It is a humble request to you that never follow a vehicle very nearly, and always obey the guideline of road safety.
Thankyou for following please follow, and leave a feedback.



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